north east scotland's festival of new music


If you'd like to be kept informed of what's happening by email and receive the festival leaflet please contact us on and give us your name, postal address and email address.

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c/o Woodend Barn
Burn O'Bennie
Banchory  AB31 5QA

Telephone: +44 (0)1330 826526

A note to prospective sound artists

If you are interested in taking part, please read the following before writing to us, as we receive many emails from artists that do not fully understand how sound works, and we only have limited time to reply to requests.

sound works with a network of partner organisations. During the festival sound promotes some of the concerts itself, but many are promoted by our partner network. We are therefore limited in the amount of artists we can put on, and may forward your email to a partner organisation that promotes your type of music. We programme a mix of music genres, including classical, electro- acoustic, improvised, experimental, jazz...

Bands: please note that only a few cutting-edge bands are programmed during sound, and all are programmed by partner organisations. We are not a music festival that has tents!