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Scottish Flute Trio

Written by Neil Jones, The Scotsman

reproduced with permission

article | The Scotsman

Scottish Flute Trio, Duff House, Banff
Star rating ***

The Scottish Flute Trio were joined by cellist Robert Irvine and percussionist Rhian Macleod for this concert made up almost entirely of world premieres of works by Scottish female composers.

The evening started with Taking Turns by Thea Musgrave, whose 80th birthday was the inspiration for the concert. The four-movement piece showed that Musgrave has lost none of her skill and enthusiasm.

The second piece, Elastic Cast by Kirsty Blackwood was the most interesting of the night. The flutes of Ruth Morley and Laura Bailie were overlaid with cello and then the marimba. The tempo and volume picked up, the piece having a palpable sense of excitement, before tailing off through alternating waves of dynamic intensity.

Sally Beamish's Aquarium for flutes and cello, on the other hand, was a disappointing end to the first half of the concert. The music, like fish, flitted rather repetitively here and there without reaching any conclusion – although perhaps that was the point.

Audrey McPherson's Wanderlust, with its marimba and cello components, wonderfully captured the innocent perambulations and easy distractions of a young girl in unfamiliar territory.

The final piece of the night was Pippa Murphy's Changing Paths, another excellent musical comment on the outdoors with a range of colours and textures.

This was a fascinating concert, proving that the established female Scottish composers have competition from up and coming youngsters.

reproduced by kind permission of The Scotsman.

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13Thu 7.30 pmBanffScottish Flute Trio, with Robert Irvine and Rhian Macleod