2005 EVENT: See Hear, Inverurie

7 - 27 November 2005
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See Hear, Inverurie

Pete Stollery, Bill Thompson, Adam Proctor, James Wyness
and a collective of young artists from Inverurie.




Young artists of Inverurie work with Pete Stollery, Adam Proctor, and Bill Thompson to produce sonic and visual compositions of their impressions of Inverurie. Their works will be projected and performed on multiple speaker and visual turntables using cutting edge technology. Also on the bill are works by the facilitators themselves.



Date: Tuesday 22nd November 2005

Place: Inverurie Town Hall

Time: 7.30 pm

Programme: Works by Pete Stollery, Bill Thompson and Adam Proctor (video projection), James Wyness, and the young people of Inverurie.

Ticket prices: FREE

Promoter: sound









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