Go Compose! 2016

Go Compose 2016 took place 9th-11th October at Woodend Barn, Banchory. With the help from professional composers Kerry Andrew and John De Simone (sound's composer in residence), young composers created their own, original piece of music. The course finishes finished with a fantastic performance from the players of Red Note, with 10 new pieces being aired for the first time. Each of the composers introduced their own works, as well as producing a short programme note about the pieces, explaining how they had got to the point of completion over the last few days.

In association with Red Note Ensemble, Sound and Music and Woodend Barn.
With support of The David and June Gordon Memorial Trust.

Grande - Ngoni Masiyakurima

The music in this piece comes from scalic passages from the piano and devised for a trio of violin, viola and bass clarinet. This piece is based on a classical theme with some influences from Romantic and 20th Century music. The key is of D♭ is used as it is warm key known for its beauty, but due to its complexity, it can lead to challenges, hence why it is called Grande. I hope you enjoy the piece.

Floods - Kara Taylor

My piece is influenced by my experience of the recent local flooding. Like many this year, I lost my house and felt that this topic was appropriate to base my composition on.

Song of Bravery - Emily Meiklejohn

I have based this piece on fearlessness and the idea that you should not be afraid of the barriers in life that prevent you from pursuing your ambitions. I thoroughly enjoyed writing the piece and I hope you all enjoy listening to it.

Suspense- Rudi Paul

I wasn’t going to name this, but I was forced to. Since not knowing anything about the piece is probably a good way to create suspense, I will refrain from telling you anything of it.

Suite for Pipes - Lewis McLaughlin

This piece (Suite for Pipes) was inspired by the highland bagpipes. The theme of a drone and pipe tunes are used throughout this piece. The first tune in the suite is a pibroch called Angus - who is an inspirational fiddler who sadly passed away while I was on the course. The second is a strathspey called Seaforth - the Seaforth Highlanders division, which my grandfather was in. The last is a reel called Loch Ussie which is a loch near Dingwall in the highlands.

The Faeries VisitMe - Caitlin B Whyte Wilken

This piece has been inspired by the composer’s love of lore and tales of magic, as well as the composer’s tendency to be “away with the faeries”.

Mirror - Lina Murray

I wanted to explore the idea of a gradual descent into dissonance and was inspired by the idea of a mirror cracking. The viola is the “real” object being reflected, remaining unchanged throughout the piece. The violin is the reflection, a faint shimmering copy of the viola part that grows more and more distorted as the mirror cracks, overpowering the viola. The bass clarinet is like the back of the mirror, its low notes in a different key increasing the tension until the mirror “cracks”. After the final crack, the mirror is smashed and we are left with the bass clarinet, the back of the mirror is all we can see.

Death of Heart - Johnny Low

That your heart is what can kill you the most.

Falling Asleep - Clara-Jane Maunder

As inferred by the title, my piece uses music to explore the process of falling asleep. The folk melody symbolises the comforting thoughts that we try to focus on when we try to fall asleep, encompassed into a soothing voice-like melody. The melody is punctuated by nightmarish discords which appear suddenly throughout the piece. They represent the dark and sometimes ugly thoughts on the edge of our minds that threaten to break our sleepy bubble. As we finally conquer our thought and start to fall asleep…BANG! We fall off a dreamy cliff and end up being jolted wide awake all over again.

Pina Colada - Patrick McNeil

My piece was inspired by the groove that plays from the start of the piece. When I hear the groove I can’t help but think about Tobago, a truly magical island. And when I think of Tobago I also think of Pina Coladas, one of my favourite drinks. Only NON-ALCOHOLIC ones though. I know the law.