Synthetica by Karen Wimhurst

Vinyl crackles, a locked groove, plastic waves breaking upon the shore of a new continent ‘Synthetica’, rising from a sea of glass. The twentieth century and a new eco-material promises a glorious democracy worldwide.

Bakelite, the scintillation of cellophane, the advent of Freudian advertising lead us into a visually rich, provocative Zoom style opera. Plastics: so much made possible within the heartbeat of environmental catastrophe. 

Commissioned by Museum of Design in Plastics, this online opera explores the historical rise of Plastics throughout the twentieth century in 11 chapters with compelling performances from the soprano Brittany Soriano, trumpet star Elaine Close and a sound track featuring vinyl DJ Ole Rudd. 

‘Dramatic, compelling and challenging. Brilliantly conceived, a remarkable cautionary tale.’ Andrew Burns BSO

Now moving beyond the Age of Plastics, this opera asks what can guide our new era as we struggle to reshape our world in terms of design and desire. Fanfare, Chapter 12 is an open chapter which asks anyone to respond to this question with a short work of their own - click here to find out more and to contribute. 

We are delighted to present this film as part of soundfestival 2021.

Click here to find out more about Sythetica and for additional material.