The Night With... Ensemble 1604

  • Performance


Timothy Cooper …shadows that in darkness dwell… (World Premiere)
Terry Reilly In C 
Songs by Dowland

Formed in 2019, Ensemble 1604 began their collaboration working on a new work by Timothy Cooper composed for Rory McCleery (counter-tenor), László Rózsa (recorders), Lucia Cappelar (baroque cello) and Alex McCartney and electronics commissioned by Matthew Whiteside’s The Night With… As a group they explore contemporary performance of early music with a historical sensibility. They find new ways to frame and explore historical musical material through new compositions and improvisation that play on and celebrate the playful, dextrous and emotive musical styles of the renaissance and the baroque.

The piece …shadows that in darkness dwell… is based on the Lachrymae Pavane by English renaissance composer John Dowland. Dowland used that melody in a number of different works and in 1604 published his Lachrimae or Seaven Teares figured in seaven passionate pavans. It is from this connection that Ensemble 1604 take their name.