Other times, other places (performance)

  • Performance
Composer: Christopher Fox

Angharad Davies (violin)
Tom Jackson (clarinet)
Georgia Rodgers (sound design)

The great stone circles of these islands – Brodgar (Orkney), Drombeg (Ireland), Stonehenge (England) – are gatherings of material that made extraordinary spaces in which, so archeology suggests, there were festivals, rituals, performances. Other times, other places does the same, but gathering sounds rather than stones: field recordings from different locations around the British Isles that gradually move through the concert space.
Other times, other places can be experienced either as a sound installation in its own right, or as the setting for live performances of composed and improvised music. The work is a collaboration between the composer Christopher Fox, the improvising musicians Angharad Davies and Tom Jackson, and the composer/sound designer Georgia Rodgers. Field recordings are mixed and diffused through the space to produce an hour-long installation which listeners can inhabit or pass through as they wish.
During a number of the iterations of the installation Angharad Davies (violin) and Tom Jackson (clarinet) will perform, playing music composed by Christopher Fox and their own improvisations. 

Christopher Fox is a composer who sometimes writes about music too. Often working at a tangent to the musical mainstream he has based his compositional career around close collaborations with particular performers, including Ilan Volkov, Philip Thomas and Elizabeth Hilliard, the instrumental groups the Ives Ensemble, KNM Berlin and Apartment House, and the vocal ensembles The Clerks and EXAUDI. 

“I am thrilled to be supported to realise Other times, other places. This is a project that has haunted me ever since I was taken to the Avebury stone circle on a half-term holiday in the 1960s. Over the decades since then I have tried to imagine how sound might take the place of stone and I am looking forward to the next few months of intense work with my collaborators as we finally bring it into reality and present it to audiences in Banchory, Huddersfield and Cork.” Christopher Fox

There will be a soundconversation with Christopher Fox after the performance.

Other times, other places (installation)