Of Leonardo da Vinci: Quills, a Black Giant, Deluge

  • Performance

Elaine Mitchener (vocal improvisation/movement)
Dam Van Huynh (direction & choreography)
David Toop (sound & text - after Leonardo da Vinci’s Notebooks)
Barry Lewis (film).

A woman reads and reflects upon Leonardo da Vinci’s Notebooks.

“Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than with the imagination being awake?” Leonardo da Vinci, Notebooks

A contemporary movement-opera for improvising vocalist, film and sound.

Elaine Mitchener (vocal improvisation/movement), Dam Van Huynh (direction & choreography), David Toop (sound & text - after Leonardo da Vinci’s Notebooks), Barry Lewis (film).

Photo: Guido Mencari courtesy of SPILL Festival of Performance Art

TRAILER: Of Leonardo da Vinci (Toop/ MItchener/ Lewis/ Van Huynh) Ultima Festival (Oslo) 15.9.15 (Premiere) from Elaine Mitchener on Vimeo.