Ailie Robertson, lever harp

  • Performance
Arr. Ailie RobertsonArrangement of J. S. Skinner tunes – Trad.
Ailie RobertsonNew Work
Ruth WallCroick
Sally BeamishPavane
Arr. Ailie RobertsonArrangement of W. Marshall tunes - Trad.
Bernard AndrèsAmarantes
Tristan Le GovicLaridenn Nevez

Multi-award winning composer, performer and curator, Ailie Robertson, crosses the boundaries of traditional and contemporary. 

This mini-tour of Aberdeenshire as part of Across the Grain festival features new works by Ailie Robertson, Ruth Wall and Sally Beamish commissioned as part of the Aberdeen Harp Project, arrangements of traditional tunes from the region, and music from France. 

Let the harp take you on a captivating musical journey across borders.