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Unless otherwise indicated videos will be available to watch until 28 February.

28 January 2021 | The Narcisstic Fish: A Scottish Opera Short
28 January 2021 | Richard Ingham (saxophones) and Pete Stollery (electronics)
29 January 2021 | Rookh Quartet
Bonus content: The Journey of the Lalla Rookh by Jane Stanley
29 January 2021: The Metalization of a Dream
29 January 2021: Ensemble Court-circuit
30 January 2021: Aberdeen by David Fennessy (conversation)
30 January: Any Enemy and Brandon New Music Ensemble
30 January 2021: Richard Watkins (horn) + Composers Conversation
31 January: Listen Carefully by Siobhan Dyson
31 January: Hebrides Ensemble 'Diversions'